Create your own X-day challenge and other questions

Q. Why 30 day challenge? Why not 100day or 7day?

A. A hundred days is a lot. With my college over and planning for future, things are uncertain.
7 days – I think I should have started out with this but since 30 days have been decided, 30 days it is!


Q. Not quite challenging or too challenging/difficult

A. The challenges are divided according to weeks.

I personally dislike competitive coding challenges and want something tangible- or immediately visible to see what I’m doing.

It is the reason front-end has stuck with me.


The challenge will be divided into 4 sections for each week with it’s own theme-

Week1: Theme: Starting out small | Build small fundamental blocks and end with making a responsive landing page

Week2: Theme: Making things dynamic | Build web apps. Make dynamic things, tools like Pomodoro app, image gallery, invoicing app and such (yet to be decided)

Week3: Theme:  Making things useful | E-commerce (this can change- but plan to build a fully functional e-commerce with working modules except perhaps payment)  Maybe transitions and animations

Week4: Theme: Make things immersive | Chat and perhaps expand to streaming (video/audio call)


Q. Not my field? Want to start your own?

A. Yes you can. If you find these too challenging or too easy, feel free to research other things and do it.

Here are some resources to get you started:


If you need some ready made (design) inspirations, take a look at these-


Q. Why front-end and design only?

A. Starting out, it is good to stick with something and dive a bit in-depth. A lot of people had questions on how to get started and I thought this would be a good way to get started- it is some sort of mix and match of code together, getting inspired and doing little things everyday.

The month of May will be front end sites and apps only. After this month, depending on the experience and enthusiasm, I have plans to do another 30 days of backend and deployment, blockchain, DevOps or Cloud Native and hybrid app development (React native/Flutter). I am novice at best in these but the first one here is an experiment. Frontend is kinda my domain- so I know a few things to lead and set up challenges.

For others, I’ll have to co-ordinate with domain specialists and setup. Senior’s are really helpful and willing to help, but their time is very scarce and so wasting it by experimenting would be unwise and best and stupid at worse.

Thus, I hope you take active participation or at very least, get motivated to do your own stuff too.


Good luck and Have a wonderful day!


Thumbnail credits: Photo by Lala Azizli on Unsplash

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