Day 2 | Testimonials | 30 days challenge | 03 May

Hello again. Welcome to day 2.

Testimonials and Our Team

Today is about testimonials and team that let people know what people think about our product and team members showoff.


Testimonials are present in many places – agency landing, product or service introduction, e-commerce sites. They are essentially there to make the client feel the product or agency is great by providing real feedback examples. It builds trust and belief which is difficult to gain especially online.
It consists of a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product and is especially powerful if people are well known and trusted.
I have got exams today and tomorrow- so I’ll be sharing some Figma links to implement and build out.

Our Team

People distrust one man. But if you present yourself as a team- showcasing the awesome people you work with and collaborate with, it can be motivating for more talents to join your team. It may additionally include social media and GitHub links to know the people even better.
Similar to testimonials, there will be links to implement.
Good luck!

Also another reminder to share your code and progress along with hashtag #30DaysChallenge on Facebook ITSNP group. Be sure to include a link to your code (GitHub or online) and your experience, what you learned as well as anything else you have in mind.


Additional Challenge

There are additional links that you may try to recreate. Some of them look very cool but may be very time consuming to implement.

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