Ask Mitra & ITSNP 30 Days Challenge | Day 1| Python Programming

Good day, everyone. I’m Sushant Rimal, and I’m participating in the ITSNP 30-day challenge. During this time, I’m learning Python Programming. I had previously learned Python, but I was unable to complete it due to some reason, so I’d like to continue. And this time, with the help of a small handful of inspiring team members from and Team, I’m confident I’ll succeed. I encourage everyone to begin their 30 days by learning anything they choose; it will be fun. I’m excited already. learn more about this program here:

Here’s what I learned today.

– About 30 Days Challenge

– About ITSNP Community
– About Ask Mitra Community
– Python

Summary: Today I have learned and explored about the biggest Tech Community of Nepal and accept these 30 days. We will be learning Python Programming from beginners to advanced levels. We will build so many projects and make our challenge more exciting. If you want to watch a video about the 30 days Challenge and Learn Python Programming together, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel: DEV Community

I’ve also included links to some of the resources I used if anybody interested can follow along.

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