Installing Python and VS Code | Day 2

Konnichiwa, this is Sushant Rimal Again as you all know I’m participating in the ITSNP 30-day challenge and Today is my second day. I encourage everyone to begin their 30 days by learning anything they choose; it will be fun. I’m excited already. If you want to start learning more about this program here:
Here’s what I learned today.
— Introduction to Python
— Installation of Python
— Installation of VS Code [code editor]
— What can we do through Python
Summary: Well, Today I have about the Python and Programming Language. I have learned How to install python and vs code as a code editor. There are multiple code editors but I have chosen VS Code as the code editor.
And I have uploaded a video of the Introduction, Installation of VS Code and Python, so if you want to watch the video please follow the following link:
I’ve also included links to some of the resources I used if anybody interested can follow along.

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