February: The Month of Love.

The atmosphere ideally tells it’s the month of love, February, as soon the sun of January turns into the moonlight night. There always remain certain things that mark a year and imprint each month with something meaningful.

Even though, February is just another month – But it’s the month of Love and Romance, historically marked I guess.

February is the month of comforting cold with love and romance to warm up your exuberant heart and soul. It’s the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. By emphasizing the distinctive connection that made our lives meaningful by lightening the darkness and settling the storm.

No wonder, those who are in Love will put a lot in this month to make it overall a memorable phase of their life. They will search for a way to express the feelings that emerge every morning as soon the east rays hits and the night that ends around each other’s lap.

For them, it’s the month where the environment radiates even more romance than normally letting them liquefy in each other’s love.

But hold on, February is not only about dating games, romance, sweethearts. Or something huge like an intimate scene that often imprints the love marks.

Instead, in the broader sense, February is about Universal peace, Self-care, Concern for fellow beings, and embracing the enemy. It’s the month of validating the peaceful co-existence of the soul by fostering the relationship.

I believe this is only the month when each corner is filled with the vibe of Love. Spreading love instead of hatred and zealotry.

No wonder, couples across the world are very-very excited to celebrate Valentine’s day, which is undoubtedly the most romantic and amorous time of the Year.

We live in a portrayed world where coupling up is often seen as the right thing to do. The day-to-day celebrations associated with Valentine’s week and all the phases of mingling might be exciting and full of life – for single it can be smile cracking.

But yet, there remains a lot to do just for yourself. – as flying SOLO can be the wild ride and exhilarating phase of life.

Nevertheless, there is so much value in being single that often people overlook instead of embracing, accepting, and applauding.

But there are some souls striving to get into a relationship, the “ Magical Relationship” with no further hope.

Don’t forget, the key to happiness always lies with you whether the status is single or being in a relationship. Or on the initial phase of coupling. Relationship: The millionaire one.

Therefore, after much thought, I came up with the following few ideas, which actually sound fascinating for the singles like me.

Yes, you heard me right!! -Date yourself or else you can take your pet on a date. Because you’ve probably spent more time with your pet than you do with any date. And, actually, the pets are quite lovable. I really love playing and cuddling.

Since it’s a long weekend, you can invite a few of your single friends. And can host a thrilling stimulating house party.

Or else, write a love note to yourself. I know it’s quite a challenging one. But writing yourself is all about appreciating the passage of time. And giving yourself a memory by cultivating gratitude with depth analysis of insecurities and weaknesses. How to date yourself?

Honestly, I believe writing a note has the power in lifting yourself up with positivity.

Though, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean I would ignore an opportunity to celebrate love. The week of February.

Quite Rightly, I wrote a Love Note to myself. Affirming my fragmentary flaws and considering all undeniable insecurities that I hold with the hope of making it turn into a strength.

Dear Sidhi,

Firstly, I want to say thank you!! For the heart, you kept beating even when it was broken. I want to let you know you really hold a positive vibe that keeps you amazing the entire season.

My Darling, your bright smile competes with the rays of the sun and the moon. Dismiss the hidden headache and heartache that occasionally lefts you alone in the crowd. Because you’re the SUNSHINE that rises after every darkness.

I agree you hit conflicting emotions with no ways of dealing but though, in the end, you loved me back with the same intensity. I understand you have trust issues and are moody sometimes. But your strength, ambition, intelligence, and yes, independence drive you towards your goal, My babe Girl.

You always believed in yourself even when the close ones left you on Foggy December morning. I love the way you help others with the loyalty of connecting souls. Thank you for holding the guts to answer the weird questions.

Hey girl, this year you really got something precious to hold. And that’s all because of your nature of being YOU. Darling, gift yourself and keep on putting the effort into what’s important for you to love you back. And I know you never gonna lose yourself. And, in case it happens, I know my child-you gonna rise with the same vibe of morning sun hitting your sleepy face from east tearing out the odds of red curtains.

Value yourself and spread the love with understanding. Have fun:)

Love-Love Sidhi.

You may not gonna like the way of writing note-a love notes to yourself. But, I personally believe this will help a lot to inspire in our struggling days.

Lately, the thing I understood is that loneliness doesn’t belong only to single people. So, do what makes you happy whether it’s having your favorite drink or writing a note.

And yes, for me Valentine is not about intimate scenes and romantic love but about Love that we spread embracing each one of us. It’s all about appreciation with positivity. Instead of wasting your time thinking about what “others” are doing be unique in the crowd.

And Remember, you can choose to be happy with or without a partner. Instagram

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!! Happy Valentine’s Day

the month of LOVE.

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