Female Masturbation Is No Longer taboo.

There’s a large stigma around when it comes to female masturbation. Over the generation, this is portrayed only for pleasuring the man. Handling the mind-puzzling games of sin, without procreating the position she desired and craved. We-females are not allowed to talk about it. Even not with our friends-as if the talk in hushed tones gonna leave them aghast. Facebook

Masturbation is the word that makes you bold blended with shamelessness. And, invites the unsolicited advice,” a female job is to give, not to take. And, she is told to be a certain way regardless of what she wants and desires.

After long years, of being treated as the giver. And witnessing the wider access to arousal erotic scenes, the so-called cultural representation is finally shuddering. The generalized thought of “Giver” has been replaced by, “she can enjoy the SOLO sex. And have the auto-erotic share of their sexuality.

The societal belief is traumatized by the emergence of revolution towards her self-pleasuring fantasies. The idea can be shocking for the people around. But it says that women don’t need the conjugal relationship to be pleasured.

The fact of Her being the source of her erotic desire is shifting the sexual attitudes breaking the taboos around holding the flag of cultural representation.

Over the decades, Nepal’s conservative mindset towards accepting female sexuality has grown for the kind of mature conversation. But still, there’s a lot to learn. The perception regarding Female masturbation varies across the country which also involves the myths that are being followed putting HIM on elevated.

And, if we consider our conservative thought, the taboo still has great resonance among the women who still can’t associate with conjugality. Or their desire for sexuality. It is the floret of soil. That needs the high beam to replace the thought of, “sex is mainly for reproduction.”

Have you ever thought to consider masturbation as self-care? –, for this, you have to move apart from the prevailing taboos irrespective of objectification.

Discovering masturbation and solo sex can be liberating and empowering for women. Probably the thought of being sexually liberated enough to satisfy herself threatens the masculine ego. This is why the practice is taboo? Yet, I understand, it’s inadmissible to witness the women liberating themselves in sexual pleasure, in this shame-based patriarchal society.

And we have internalized their chapter of misogyny to disdain the female masturbation as if touching herself is illegal. And, the outcome is, female masturbation is disparaged and denigrated as filthy practices-which is not.

No wonder, there are a lot of ways to connect with yourself. There is no downside of masturbation except the hushed tones of taboos that you need to “Let go.” It’s all about identifying your body and considering what satisfies you. It makes you more familiar with your stardust trembling body lining.

Yes, it’s great when someone strokes and touches the earlobe, but it can be just as satisfying if you do it yourself. It fully helps you to concentrate on yourself before getting involved with your respective ones.

No matter, whether you’re masturbating by letting your hand do the work smoothly or with the best vibrator, you shouldn’t be ashamed about making yourself fantasize and explored. It’s the way of cultivating self-confidence and embodying worthiness accepting the craving you have. It’s not just a man who is allowed, it’s about the whole of humankind irrespective of sexual orientation.



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