Is Male Privilege Real?

Male privilege is the advantages that are available to men or male members solely based on their sexual identity. In short, the identity that won’t be the reason for your difficulties as ours. And, all this is co-related benefiting from this male-dominated society, the great and simple access to resources.

But here, we still can witness the differences in same-sex to have access to same privilege maybe because of races, ethnicity, geography, and a lot of aspects. However, this blog is just a piece based on the life chapter I lived and lived in. Something real experiences that I faced and tolerated just because of being a GIRL by birth and not being accessible to all those privileges that I could have.

The real flips,

  • I hate when males do the bare minimum and explain as the whole foundation is built by them.
  • I hate when my cousins and sisters and friends do not feel safe to go out late at night where my male friends and cousins are privileged. They talk about our safety but from whom? – the same privileged male that roams around freely.
  • I hate when I need male permission to just visit my friends who are living nearby. I hate when I cannot make my voice louder even when I intentionally want.
  • Despised, the male mindset and tone of “I am working.” The sip of tea and the political talk is what they do.
  • I don’t like when my early twenties are filled with marriage proposals where the men are allowed to decide on their own.
  • I hate when after decades of marriage she is treated as an outsider but the same son-in-law is everyone’s favorite within the week.

There is a lot. A lot that I cannot even mention here. But this all is real to its existence. The exemption for house chores and encouragement for a career is the favor that a male receives, while the other bears the bulk of family care and to-do list. From barbaric practice named Sati to facing sexual assault and harassment and limitations, all are placed on her.

Somewhere I read, females, are culturally treated as God, and what more does she needs? Frankly, she needs the courage to reply to you what does she need, initially and in the same manner. We don’t want to be the God because if we are “I don’t need your privilege to protect mine.” Ironically, the goddess is also a burden in some places. What does it feels to be harassed?

The final word,

No wonder, male privilege exists everywhere a dab of or slightly, it exists. Because women are led to believe the male statements are true and they are your steward socially appointed. The gender roles that favor men. Because they are allowed to disagree and right to address without being pointed and taunted on reputation and all. If not, then why his privilege is required to protect my feminine identity? Marital Rape

And also, we as an individual having the privilege to speak should not be viewed as guilty. An opportunity to learn and be responsible towards an inclusive world, irrespective. But the fact, here is we tend to ignore which means we are ignoring the difficulties and shame faced by our mother, sisters, and all. Acknowledging is realizing, and realizing is helping.

If you believe in gender equality, it is not hard to understand the societal gap which is unfair and not in the interest of families as a whole. If you contemplate, you will realize this is the very beginning of every sort of imbalance that you’re facing or will face in the future. Because, it is problematic to place one gender on a pedestal for doing the bare minimum, while the other bears the bulk of chores. Don’t let her believe, this is her NORMAL because surely, this is not.


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