My Journey to realm of Technology – Sachit Yadav

My Journey to the realm of Technology – Sachit Yadav

Here is a summary of my life


I am a 17 years old boy, living in Chitwan. I am currently in the IoT field. Studying DIT 1st sem

Mom used to say “When I was a baby of 2 or 3 yrs, I used to plug electric appliances in sockets”, maybe… this was an indication of my aim

I used to open every machine or electronics device I saw when I was 5-6 years old, as I was curious about “how that machine works,” and I have destroyed literally every electrical equipment from a small torch to computers and mobile phones. ?
I disassembled and opened it to learn about those gadgets. Parents forgave me since they thought he’d do something huge later
After that, and I saw computers in schools in classes 5-6, I was fascinated with that new machine. I demanded a computer, not to play games on, but to understand more about this strange gadget. Then I began learning how to use a computer, and I learned a lot.
There was and is a different kind of craze in me of learning everything I saw, I always used to question “how is this working?” There was internet access in my house since small so, On the internet, I learned about electronics, hardware, and other topics from the internet watching YouTube videos. I began creating a variety of electronic device projects. RC Cars, Toys, etc myself. I started using tools like soldering iron, multimeter, etc at the same small age,
after that

When I was in class 8, my life changed drastically here. I began working with my friends on larger electronics and IoT-related projects(Smart Home, obstacle Avoiding Robot, Home Automation Recently done project & many more), which we then presented at various events and competitions. We also won the majority of the events in which we participated. Learned many things Gained lots of experience. Lockdown started which was a boon for me, I became interested in programming while in lockdown. I was confused about everything. I couldn’t decide where to begin or how to begin. Then I joined ITSNP in lockdown, then I met the awesome person in my life Bibek Subedi who assisted me greatly in many aspects of my life. He led me along the correct path and taught me everything I needed to know. He was completely responsible for my positive transformation in my character
I began learning or exploring Linux, Django, Frontend, video editing, and designing, and many more from Udemy, YouTube. I was so dedicated that I would get up at 5 a.m. simply to code and upload projects to GitHub, and I would work on my laptop until 2 a.m. late at night continuously. In those little periods of time, I learned many things, did many projects.
“if you want to do or learn something great, just disappear for 6 months from everywhere”

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